After its successful return to the trade fair in 2011, Siemens Enterprise Communications was present at CeBIT 2012 with a bigger stand and a large number of sales and alliance partners. Under the motto "Your easiest path to unified communications", this year's activities focused on efficient, secure and future-proof approaches to implementing solutions and services for business communication. This was visually illustrated in the 360° installation "A day in the life" where integrated and seamless business communication in the home office, on the road, and at the office desk was shown in the respective contexts and with the appropriate application scenarios. The official theme of this year's CeBIT was "Managing Trust", and Siemens Enterprise Communications also reflected the many different dimensions to this topic. Firstly, through its comprehensive solution and services portfolio, where security and availability are integral components and guaranteed by tested procedures. And, because "Trust" also implies that solutions must have a forward-looking character, Siemens Enterprise Communications promotes this through its open, IP-based standards. These standards make it possible to integrate its solutions with the vast majority of business applications, incorporate social media platforms, fully utilize communication applications on all popular smartphone operating systems, and always provide the most up-to-date technology. Cloud services enable all this to be performed in an efficient and cost-effective way. CeBIT 2012 was a resounding success for Siemens Enterprise Communications and its partners, and the stand attracted thousands of visitors. These visitors included prominent names from the world of politics, such as the German Chancellor, the President of Brazil, the German Vice-Chancellor, and the German Economics Minister, but also the CIOs and CFOs of numerous small to large enterprises and public institutions. All in all, around 150 guided tours of the stand were arranged for visitors. In accordance with its important presence in Brazil, the official partner of this year's CeBIT, Siemens Enterprise Communications also took an active part in the events dedicated to this country. In addition to all the above, Siemens Enterprise Communications was able to spotlight its appropriately certified OpenStage phones in a joint presentation with the "Blue Angel" ecolabel on the topic of environmentally-friendly office products. Siemens Enterprise Communications also engaged in further activities in the areas of talent promotion (contract on joint training signed with Otto v. Guericke University in Magdeburg, participation in the CeBIT Job + Career Forum) and the advancement of women participation in the BITKOM Fem@le Leadership Summit at the CeBIT Global Conference


New Releases: OpenScape Office V3R2 and HiPath 3000 V9 Available Now! Munich, Nov 08, 2011 Highlights include: expanded user experience, mobility, collaboration, and deployment flexibility After the completion of an extensive test phase, including field trial and beta test installation in several countries, OpenScape Office Version 3 Release 2 (V3R2) and HiPath 3000 V9 is ready for the market introduction to all SME sales channels. Testing was conducted in close cooperation with our partner community to ensure their early involvement in the market introduction process, a knowledge transfer and the approval of quality. Highlights of OpenScape Office V3R2 and HiPath 3000 V9 include: Expanded User Experience - Common UI across all OpenScape Office UC clients, including MS Outlook 2010 'Ribbon' Plug-in. Mobility - Introduction of OpenScape Office UC client for Tablets (e.g. iPad) providing further enhanced device options to mobile users. Collaboration - Web Collaboration, including desktop video support, embedded with OpenScape Office user interface to expand teamwork with colleagues, customers and business partners while saving on travel costs. Deployment Flexibility - Multi-site networked UCC among all SMB platforms, including OpenScape Office MX/LX and HX (with HiPath 3000 V9) allowing flexibility of choice while enabling easy access to UC and seamless UC network integration of existing HiPath 3000 customer base. Also, the Open Directory allows enhanced database integration flexibility providing network-wide directory services and connectivity to existing customer databases




Affordable HiPath 4000 Branch Office Communications Reston, VA , Jul 20, 2011 New module simplifies growth and management for HiPath 4000 customers Siemens Enterprise Communications today introduced HiPath Access 500, a flexible, scalable and survivable branch office solution for use with the HiPath 4000 enterprise voice platform. This addition to the HiPath 4000 portfolio is a cost-effective option for small to medium branch locations offering modular, predictable growth and a single point of administration to customers with highly distributed HiPath 4000 deployments. HiPath Access 500 provides an intelligent way for existing HiPath 4000 customers to replace older or third party platforms with new IP-converged technology. It creates a single distributed network while selectively leveraging legacy technology where necessary, such as analog, digital or DECT phones. For new HiPath 4000 customers, HiPath Access 500 delivers a complete, end-to-end solution that simplifies and speeds distributed HiPath 4000 deployments, simplifies ongoing management and ensures full feature access and branch office survivability, even if there is a loss of network connectivity. Because it leverages the option to connect HiPath 4000 hardware, it is affordable to deploy and easy to expand via HiPath Access modular rack mountable gateways. These gateways provide connectivity for analog and digital devices, DECT wireless phones and BRI/PRI connections, and allow existing Hicom customers to reuse their digital OptiPoint or Optiset phones with their existing standard telephone wiring infrastructure. HiPath Access 500 is a 19-inch rack mountable, 1.5 U server that can support up to 500 OpenStage IP phones, making it extremely efficient and cost-effective for small locations with a centrally deployed HiPath 4000. It comes in two configurations: HiPath Access 500a with eight built-in analog phone ports and HiPath 500i with both eight analog and eight BRI ports. Up to eight additional HiPath Access modules can attach to HiPath Access 500 and provide a flexible deployment option

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