Works with all leading desktop phones

.A professional, wireless headset for use with desktop phones

.Easy-to-use call control features ensure rapid user adoption

.A straightforward wireless headset designed for use with most major desktop phone systems. A cost-effective option for use in most office environments. It is easy-to-use and implement, resulting in fast user adoption

.Jabra Pro 920 is part of the Jabra Pro™ 900 Series






Jabra Pro™ 9400 is a wireless headset made for highly connected offices. It brings all your telephony systems together, enabling your employees to take calls from their mobile, softphone and desk phone all through one headset. Despite its advanced look, the Jabra Pro™ 9400 is remarkably easy to install. The touch screen is equipped with a SmartSetup wizard that guides employees through the connection process

  • .Employees can control every phone from one touch screen and can answer any call from the same headset
  • .Improved productivity and professional call handling
  • .Enhanced employee mobility: employees can select from 3 mono wearing styles and the headset offers a range of 450 feet
  • Impeccable sound means fewer misunderstandings

    The Jabra Pro™ 9400 Series is designed to deliver the best audio, even in the noisiest office environments. It incorporates technology in the earphone and microphone, to both eliminate background noise and enhance the audio of the incoming call. The result is a clear conversation enjoyed by your employees and customers






Designed for busy call centers and loud open office environments

An award-winning headset series for businesses and call centers that features a variety of wearing styles and a comfortable fit

The perfect headset for blended office environments

Whether your office uses VoIP, the Jabra GN2000 Series enables your employees to enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone calls.

  • Comfortable headsets mean happy employees
  • Create a more professional office and Contact Center environment
  • Use headsets that work with your existing systems, seamlessly – thus increasing user adoption and satisfaction
  • A durable choice

    Headsets that break often create more work for your IT department, more equipment costs for you and dissatisfaction for the end-users, your employees. The GN2000 series is made out of a sturdy rubber-plastic composite. It has an impact-resistant headband and reinforced strain relief, which basically means that it’s built to withstand all the punishment a busy call center can dish out.


    The Jabra GN2000 Series can be used with desk phones, mobile and softphones. The UC bundle, which includes an IP headset and a Jabra LINK 280 adapter, enables users to answer their softphones and take mobile phone calls with the same headset. Whichever phone they use, your employees will have the full range of call control features, allowing them to answer and end calls, adjust the volume and mute the microphone, all from the headset.






Designed for IP-based telephony and Unified Communications systems

A mono headset optimized for use with all leading Unified Communications systems and featuring a lightweight, comfortable design.

Employees enjoy a comfortable headset with a discreet, behind-the-ear fit.

The UC Voice 250 mono headset is optimized for use with all leading Unified Communications systems. Employees will enjoy a comfortable, discreet headset that is both lightweight and portable.






Works with both traditional and softphones

A wireless headset series compatible with both desktop and PC-based telephony systems and offering a variety of wearing styles.


Whether you’re upgrading to IP telephony or you have a dual-system environment, Jabra GN9300e is an ideal wireless headset series. It can be used with both desktop and PC-based telephone systems. So if you do decide to upgrade to IP, you can use the same headsets, meaning you save costs and get a flexible solution. The headset also offers a special Microsoft version optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync 2010.

Comfortable and adaptable / Leave room for personal choiceIt’s challenging to meet everyone’s personal preferences with one headset. The Jabra GN9300e Series works well in this regard, as it offers a selection of wearing styles that emphasize comfort. Employees can set their own call preferences using the headset’s LCD display.

  • Works with both traditional and softphones
  • Provides employees with freedom of movement (with a range of up to 350 ft.)
  • Ideal for noisy call center environments as microphone is equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology.
  • A flexible solution with three wearing styles which increases chances of widespread adoption.



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